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Carbon Rail Saddles

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by SurlyCyclist, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. SurlyCyclist

    SurlyCyclist Speeding Up

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    Hey all,

    Thanks for all the great input for my previous question on pedals. I'm still on the SPDs and pondering changeover.

    For my next query... I have been looking at the San Marco Regal-e saddle. It seems more appropriate for me seeing as I've been on a Brooks B-17 for a while now. I'm interested specifically in the carbon fx model, which has carbon rails. Is there any durability concern with carbon rails? I weigh about 85-86 kilos, is there any kind of weight limit for a saddle like this? If there's more than a fluke chance of failure with carbon rails, I'll stick with a heavier but sturdier version of the Regal-e. Anyone have any experience with these or heard anything? I searched around a bit but couldn't find any information, including on San Marco's site.

    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. Ludwig

    Ludwig Warming-Up

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    I don't know about durability, but for the weight gain the price difference tends to be exorbitant - are you sure you need carbon rails? It is easier to reduce weight by choosing the right model.
  3. Mike

    Mike Maximum Pace

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    I have the Selle Italia Carbon Flow which weighs 125g. I love it and it's supposedly without rider weight restrictions. I presume any well made saddle with carbon rails should be fine. Goodluck with your search;)
  4. SurlyCyclist

    SurlyCyclist Speeding Up

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    Thanks Mike.

    Ludwig, I settled on the Regal-e because of its similarity to the B-17. Since it's a bit old school and larger than most road bike saddles, I thought it would be best to get the lightest Regal-e model available. I guess I should have a think about the weight saving versus cost increase.
  5. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace Post Of The Week

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    Train and race on a full carbon saddle..... It wasn't even shown any padding the poor thing. 65g and cost me 10,000 Yen and believe it or not it’s bloody comfy!
  6. Yamabushi

    Yamabushi Maximum Pace Ride Leader

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    Mounted properly (not over torqued) there should be no real durability issues, but a point to be aware of is that a lot, perhaps most, carbon rail saddles have ovalized rails. Make sure that your seatpost is compatible.
  7. TOM

    TOM Maximum Pace

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    Surly Cyclist, if you can afford it - go for it ! I use the same 125gr Kit Carbonio Flow saddle by Selle Italia as Mike - the shape is the very classic SLR - if you are into retro/classic, you may want to consider this one too. Plus, it has some padding in it - very comfy. I got mine very cheap back in Belgium in the TEST SADDLE version.

    If you really have a huge budget and if you weigh less than 70kg, another super saddle I can recommend is the AX-Lightness - no padding here but still quite comfy. The nicest feature is that it really feels as if there is no saddle at all when you are dancing up hills!

    PS: forget about the AX-Lightness; too risky if you are in the 80~85kg bracket. THe SLR Carbonio has no weight limit warnings on it and is very sturdy.
  8. SurlyCyclist

    SurlyCyclist Speeding Up

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    Kit Carbonio Flow looks pretty sweet too. I'm not going for a retro look so much as just trying to find a saddle that fits me. Thanks for all the advice.

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