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Ever tightening headset!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by zenbiker, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. zenbiker

    zenbiker Maximum Pace

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    I`ve changed the forks on my MTB to non sus ones. However, after setting the head bearings and riding for 10 kms, the headset seems to tighten itself.
    Headset is a star washer that ha be banged into the fork tube type.
    Any idea what I`ve done wrong?
  2. AlanW

    AlanW Maximum Pace

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  3. zenbiker

    zenbiker Maximum Pace

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    Thanks for the link. I`ll take it apart and start again to see what I`ve done wrong on the weekend.:eek:
  4. GSAstuto

    GSAstuto Maximum Pace

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    My guess is that you've preloaded the top bolt (tightened it) AFTER you've improperly torqued the stem lock bolts. And if you've lubed the stem a bit - then general virbation of riding will now cause your headset loading to increase.

    You should NEVER tighten the top bolt after you've set the bearing preload. In fact - it just needs enough snugging to just keep the cap on, that's all - its basically only used to set the bearing pre-load until you've tightened the stem lock bolts.

    The other thing is make sure you sequentially tighten the stem locking bolts - a little at a time - until you've reached an equal torque. Should be roughly 40-60 in-lbs. If you don't have a torque wrench - this is only about 5lb-7lb pressure on your allen key!

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