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Help Left crank arm for Shimano 2300

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by Yukster, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Yukster

    Yukster Cruising

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    Hi folks, this is kinda embarrassing, but does anyone know where I can pickup another left crank arm for a Shimano 2300 crankset? Apparently I didn't tighten my pedal tight enough and it stripped the shaft part where the pedal and crank are held together. It came off while I was riding. I just need the crank arm, 175 mm in length. Most stores don't carry left crank arms, much less 2300 crank sets in 175 mm lengths...
  2. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace Post Of The Week

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    They can order you one in specifically, so go to your LBS (local bike store) and ask.
  3. Yukster

    Yukster Cruising

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    I have been calling around, they are telling me I would have to order the whole crank. If thats the case, should I upgrade? Can I just install a 105 or Tiagra crank in place of the 2300?
  4. kiwisimon

    kiwisimon Maximum Pace

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    Ask you LBS to use a helicoil to retread the crank, if they can get one.

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