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Mama Chari to Single Speed...

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by onm, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. onm


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    Hey guys

    I am in the process of converting an old Mama Chari into a decent slick single speed. I know it would be much easier to just buy a nice single speed, but I love a project, and like doing things slowly and cheaply, so that is what is happening.

    Anyway; the question I have, which some of you may know the answer to is...

    What BB do Mama Chari's come with as standard. I am not mega up on BB technology and sizings, so if anyone could fill me that would be great,

    I am hoping to put the Profile BMX race cranks I have on my BMX at the moment, into the Mama Chari frame, and they come with a standard 19mm axle.

    Euro BB kits are available for the cranks I want to use, so if Mama Chari come with Euro as standard, I am in business.

    So, if anyone can fill me in on Mama Chari frame standards in general, that would be ace.

    Cheers in advance

  2. yokotas13

    yokotas13 Warming-Up

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    i have a mama chari electric bike, ill pull hte BB on it and see whats on it tonight fo ryou
  3. onm


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    Excellent, thanks!

    I have been measuring the thing up a bit over the last few days, and it seems as if things are fairly inline with standards (although I paid 6000yen for it, so it is not going to be made accurately).

    Been spending a fair bit of time on Yahoo! Auction scoping parts. Turning out to be a pretty cool project.

    TODO R CASPELL Maximum Pace

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    A FIXIE CHERI ! You ARE INSANE. I think I like you. I saw one up in Tokyo 2 weekends ago. I think Shibuya. I was SO impressed I took it's picture. Blue frame red leather saddle with ape hangers. Could be yours ? I will post the picture eventually. Along with those others. TODO
  5. onm


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    Ain't mine mate.

    Sounds ace though!

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