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New Time iClic cleats (maybe)

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by onm, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. onm


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    Just bought a couple of sets of the new all-black Time iClic pedal cleats.

    I have yet to use them (my old ones are nearly at their 3 month birthday, despite massively buggering them at the Y's Road Enduro by jumping over several barriers when Eric punctured, in an attempt to get to my bike)

    Apparently the plastic is a new formula, and they are a bit longer lasting.

    This is all according to 'some bloke in a bike shop', but I will certainly consider his info and report back with my experiences.

    I really love these pedals; the float is HEAVEN, but they don't last that long. Bearings on the pedals shag up fast, and the cleats die very very fast (and there is no cleat cover)

    Would not change though. The Ferrari of the pedal world.
  2. FarEast

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    Yeah I ended up switching to LOOK (Wifes choice not mine) because i was forking out for new cleats on a 3 month rotation on 3 pairs of shoes..... just to expensive.
  3. onm


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    Your wife dictates your pedal choice?

    Joking aside; yeah, these things f-up sooo fast it is unreal. I am so in love with the float though, that I can't change.

    A curse!

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