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Out of the saddle....temporarily

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Freeride39, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    Hey guys on Monday night I was rushed to the hospital because I was feeling nausea and vomitting blood. I had a tube pushed through my nose and into my stomach to irrigate the blood within my stomach for about 14 hours. They did a scope the next day and found that I had two bleeding ulcers (ikaiyoo) in my esaphogus area. I had to stay at the hospital for a week and was released Friday. They had me in the bed for 4 days recovering. When I was released, Im asked the Doctor was it okay for me to do a 59 mile ride the next day......LOL. She advised me to stay off of the sadddle until next week to keep from stressing the ulcers. Feeling better and healing; will probably be on medication for the rest of my life for the acid reflux.....LOL. Doing okay....Thomas, I should have all your gear by 15 November, sorry for the long wait before I placed the order, but had to get my cash flow together. See you all at the Tour de Unagi.

    Hey Thomas and Sora, I'm going to purchase a Trek Madone 5.0 "2007" model in January!!!! Can't wait! View attachment 48
  2. Ash

    Ash Warming-Up

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    Man, thats tough! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    A Trek Madone will definitely take your mind off the ulcers though! Thats a sweet ride.

    Look forward to meeting you on the Unagi run.

  3. thomas

    thomas The Crank Engine

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    So sorry to heat that, Shay! Please get better soon and take things easy, especially the cycling!

    Trek Madone... sheesh. How can we beat that?! :D
  4. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    Thanks everyone for your concern!

    Actually I would love to purchase the TREK Madone SL 5.9 but I can't justify the $5499.00 price tag to myself:eek:uch: View attachment 49
  5. Pete

    Pete Speeding Up

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    Get well soon mate.

    I love the picture of the Trek. Now that looks wickedly fast:cool:
  6. Sora

    Sora Basho's companion

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    Sorry to hear that.
    I hope you will get better soon and am looking forward to seeing you are good in Tour d'Unagi.

    I envy you.:angel:
  7. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    yes i will be ready to ride the Tour

    I LUV TEXAS Warming-Up

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    Wishing to get well soon

    Hi, Shay, I am sorry to hear about that. A couple of years ago, I had stomach ulcer too. Rest is the best medicne for it. Please take care.

    Trek Modone... jeez, that makes me want to upgrade my "Litespeed" components to Ultegra and wheels to Easton Acsent II!!
    (Now, I have to carefully draw a plan, how to convince my wife, lol)
  9. KWill

    KWill Warming-Up

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    Good to see that you are doing better...and back at work too.

    You know that I'm saving up for an Italian carbon fiber frame...I'm leaning toward Pinarello or Casati but I like the Swiss made BMC too. I'm going to the states in February and will pick it up there...much cheaper than here and they will have my 59cm size.

    I may drive to this place in Little Rock while I'm in the states...he'll give me a 10% discount. http://www.competitivecyclist.com/road-bikes

    See you this weekend for our Onsen ride.
  10. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    Yes I will see you Saturday morning for the Onsen run!


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