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Retouching powder coated frame.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics' started by onm, May 9, 2011.

  1. onm


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    I have a scratch on my bike that I want to get rid of.

    My frame is a powder coated white CAAD9.

    Anyone know much about retouching frames. The scratch is only small, so I guess I could just paint it with my Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 paint set like a good little boy, but I was wondering if there are any other options?

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Sikochi

    Sikochi Maximum Pace

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    Just a thought, but why not post this in the Cannondale section on RoadBikeReview. I`m sure you will find many there who have undertaken such a task and they will probably be able to advise you of the exact type of paint required to match things up perfectly.

    Or...you could just repaint it all in black as you know a CAAD 9 should be :p

    Seriously though, if you strip off all the paint and just put a protective coat on it you will help shift some more weight towards your 6.8 goal. White paint weighs the most apparently...
  3. fredstaple

    fredstaple Speeding Up

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    Fingernail polish...

    ...in a matching colour can help hide some small blemishes
  4. onm


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    Well, in the end I painted it back in Citadel Miniature Skull White, with a touch of Bronzed Flesh to take the edge off the white.

    Did a load of coats, then put a few layers of clear nail varnish.

    Looks perfect.
  5. GSAstuto

    GSAstuto Maximum Pace

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    For sure that just offset all the weight saved by your Titanium stem bolts.

  6. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace
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    Im suprised crack and fail didn't supply you with a small vile of touch up paint..... Pinarello and Colnago do just incase you need to touch yourself up.

    Although joking aside..... Autobacs and other car maintaince stores will have whole section for restoration work and I purchased a couple of pens.

    1. Base pen that basically puts a thick layer down to fill the scratch
    2. Colour Pen.... matches the frame
    3. Gloss to put that shine back.

    I leave it over night and then take some Finishline show room polish to the bike to give it a protective wax layer to the bike. The Pinarello FP3 took a real beating over the course of a year racing getting thrown in the back of cars, chucked on the top of support vehicles and dropped after finishing races when totally knackered..... to look at it however you would have thought it was still new.

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