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7-speed cassette on 8/9/10 wheel/Help fixing my wanna-be road bike

Discussion in 'Tech' started by k3nob1, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. k3nob1

    k3nob1 Warming-Up

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    Hi all,

    a year ago I thought it would be cool to have a road bike that's foldable. I found one (doppelganger 806 squalo,700c) but now that a spoke(rear wheel) broke I am not so happy about it anymore. I got it fixed, during which 2 more spokes broke, and three days later another one broke. So now I need a new wheel, shouldn't be a problem, right? Turns out it is. I should probably add I'm a student and probably gonna fly home in December, so my budget is limited.

    Unfortunately, I learned that two things about the bike are strange.

    a) the rear dropout spacing(i believe is what it's called) is 135mm. I was actually made aware of that in a shop and was also told that I cannot use a 130mm wheel. I asked if it wouldn't be possible to put in spacers for those 5mms but I was told it is not...same thing at a different shop. Checking the internet it seems that it is fairly common to do that and especially since this is a steel frame there shouldn't be any problems. Sheldon Brown seems to be the most trusted reference, see e.g.


    I think I'd go for 2,5mm on each side instead of 5mm on one side so I don't have to "redish" the wheel. Question is of course where do I get the spacers(Tokyo)? Any ideas? I saw some people saying it works without the spacer as well, and one guy saying one could use aluminium foil...I'm not convinced.

    Which brings me to problem

    b) 7-speed. Recent wheel's spec are 8/9/10 IIRC. As are the nice used wheels I'm thinking of buying, campagnolo scirocco(saw a freehub body for <5k to be able to put on a shimano cassette). I'm gonna reference sheldon brown once more, he says I can use a 4.5mm spacer and put on my 7-speed cassette:


    Again, I have no idea where to get this spacer in Tokyo. I guess this one needs to have a larger diameter since it sits on the freehub?

    So all in all I believe I'd have to buy the used wheels, two 2.5mm spacers(or washers?) for the hub, a 4.5mm spacer for the cassette and the campagnolo/shimano freehub body. Would make it about 20k. According to the last shop I went to my only alternative without all the trickery is a new 135mm wheel. The shopkeeper had exactly one in his catalog, 7k yen, and admitted that would probably break on me again. Btw, I'm about 80kgs.

    Do you guys think that setup could work? Any suggestions?


  2. StuInTokyo

    StuInTokyo Maximum Pace

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    I think the 135mm spacing is for Hybrid bikes...?

    You want to use the 7 speed cassette on the wheel you are going to get as a replacement for the wheel that is busting spokes, right?

    Where in Tokyo are you? I'm in Shinjuku and I might have all the bits kicking around to get you on your way, except the wheel, I think I have a spacer for a free wheel, as I had an old 7 speed hub on a new wheel for a while, and I bet I have enough washers etc kicking around to make up the 5mm diff on your rear spacing.

    I'll try to check later tonight.

    PS Welcome! :D
  3. kiwisimon

    kiwisimon Maximum Pace

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    just watch that your shifter is compatible with a 7 speed cog. 9 and 10 speed shifters have a smaller throw than 7 speed ones. Sounds like Stu will be able to get you going again.
  4. k3nob1

    k3nob1 Warming-Up

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    Hey Stu,

    thanks a lot for your offer! Unfortunately, I saw it too late. For some reason on my PC this thread and your answer didn't appear in the forum until yesterday evening, although I checked several times until midday. No idea why.

    I got a flat tire on that spoke-busting wheel yesterday, hence the matter got a little more pressing and I opted for the quickest solution. Someone suggested Y's on this website so I called them and asked them if they have that 4.5mm spacer...Ochanomizu didn't but they suggested to call Ueno and they had it! They also had wheels, shimano 501 10k, rs-20 20k...after wondering for 15 Minutes if I'd ever feel the 100g difference in weight I finally took the rs-20. When I got to the shop they told me once more that it is impossible to put 130 wheels on the 135mm frame, spacers also wouldn't work since there is not enough space for the spacers. I insisted and told them I had read differently and when I said I would take responsibility(sekinin) we finally got down talking business. In the end I got new wheels, sprocket, chain, tires, tubes, and everything installed for 37k. Unfortunately, I don't even have a wrench here so no way I could have done that myself. The man who fixed the bike let me watch and was really really helpful, also fixed an issue with my pedals(actually the thing in between whatever it's called), he gets my recommendation. He had no problems putting in the 130 rear wheel as-is and it seems I'm fine without the spacers. The money did hurt but the swift acceleration with those wheels makes up for a lot. I got started on overtaking professional looking roadbikers this morning and continuing to do so will quickly ease that pain I think ;-)



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