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Alfine 8 Speed Hub Service

Discussion in 'Tech' started by StuInTokyo, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. joewein

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    I used to cycle around the Komazawa koen bike loop quite a few times, but haven't done so recently. One of the things that put me off cycling there is the amount of dried leaves from trees that are on the ground, bits of which end up all over my cassette and chain, along with dust and other debris.

    If I was riding with an internal geared hub, there would be no such worries.
  2. anga

    anga Warming-Up

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    Removing the grease may not be a good idea--recall reading that the oil bath replenishes the oil in the grease. In other words, the grease holds the oil in place.
    For heavy duty applications, recall reading about a 5-speed hub by SRAM (or is it Sturmey-Archer) that works well.
  3. bawbag

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