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For Sale Bike travel bag

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by theBlob, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    selling my brand-x bike bag.
    I bought it off a fella here some time back. I recently used it to take my bike to and from Aus. It performed exactly as you might hope. As in no damage to bike or bag!

    6000y and I can Chakubarai it so you pay shipping g when you receive it.

    It's not too heavy and has a bunch of pockets on the inside for clothes etc.
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  2. PSB

    PSB Maximum Pace

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    PM sent
  3. Kspeeder

    Kspeeder Cruising

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    Do you still have this bag for sale?
  4. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    Nope sold!
  5. mwharam

    mwharam Speeding Up

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    Nice one....the bag gets a new lease of life - glad it performed ok for you on the Aus trip
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