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Today December 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bloaker, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    Tomorrow morning I head out to my last DH event of the year. It will be cold - but I suspect it will be a great time. Good company can make the event regardless of conditions.
  2. Tanki

    Tanki Maximum Pace

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    Good Luck, although my 'lab tutor' said luck was the last hope of the unprepared, therefore don't worry, you don't need it.
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  3. pedalist

    pedalist Maximum Pace

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    I did my first ride of the season in temperatures below zero today. Luckily it didn't snow until I got home. But it was cold enough that I stopped at my LBS to get myself an early Christmas present by upgrading my gloves. I'm sure the new gloves come in handy for tomorrows commute, too.
    Now I've just to sort out the problem with my frozen toes (without buying new shoes) and I'd be alright for this winter season. My first try will be closing the ventilation gaps in the sole and getting some warmer insoles (thick socks and shoe covers weren't enough today). We'll see how big the difference will be.
    Anyway, this is the time of the year when I'm missing the Japanese weather the most, I guess.
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  4. OreoCookie

    OreoCookie Cruising

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    I put plastic shopping bags over my socks and then put wind stopper overshoes on (not the heavily insulated ones). I went out last Saturday for a ride, and at 0-4 degrees (near the turning point it was lightly snowing) my feed kept warm and toasty. That also has another upside: neither my shoes nor my overshoes smell after the ride. :)
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  5. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    This is what "Average" looks like....

    I raced this weekend at SMP in Tochigi. It was all for fun as I did not expect to place, but just wanted to have fun. I was there with 5 friends. One of which would be the racer in front of me. While sitting in the staging area just going over the start in my head, I look down to watch Jeff's run. He had a clean start, but when the gets to the drop pictured above everything seemingly went wrong. He got crossed up or something and I watch him and the bike do an awkward hop/bounce and I saw Jeff's head hit the bank to his right. He was stunned for roughly 2 seconds, then remounted and charged on.... 20 seconds later I here "Yon, San, Ni, Ichi, Gooooooo!" and I am off... with that image fresh in my mind. I struggled to find rhythm and finished my first run in 65th place (out of 119).

    Luckily your final position is based on 2 runs... so I will have to work hard to make up spots on my second run.
    Luckily - Jeff was OK and able to do his second run. I watched with some concern as he hit the same drop without issue the second time.
    Then.... "Yon, San, Ni, Ichi, Gooooooo!"
    I took off and worried more about smooth than fast... The first half of the ride felt the same...but then came the first short climb... I carried so much speed into it, the effort was less than half - on the second climb - same result. Smooth was giving me the drive going into the climbs to not have to work so hard.
    In the end, my final place was 59th. In one run, I was able to jump over 6 riders. I was able to finish mid pack on a course I had never seen before this weekend.
    All in all it was a success... not to mention I ate the best Katsudon I have ever tasted...
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  6. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    It’s been a pretty cold start to the winter, but still been getting out for my dawn training a few time s a week. Been some Stella sunrises in the last few weeks...
    Anyway just passed 10000km for the year (not my highest yearly total) and st about 72000m of vert (my highest) so it’s been a solid year of riding.
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  7. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    This was December a year ago for me - short sleeves. I remember climbing hills in Tochigi and Tsukuba-san around New Year's. I guess this year winter will just develop differently... Going to spite the winter by climbing Yatsugatake this weekend, sleeping outside in a tent in minus 10 or 15, 50 cm or more of snow, and over 60 kmh winds forecast. Below, Dec 4, 2016

  8. jdd

    jdd Maximum Pace
    Hardest Crash

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    I’ve been here in Vietnam for a couple weeks, and one more to go. Surprisingly, there are still a few people on bikes in Hanoi. I’m leaving early tomorrow for Ninh Binh, where my guesthouse supposedly has bikes for guest use, free. We’ll see what they’re like.

    I did a loop up north by car, from Ha Giang to Dong Van and Ma Pi Leng, and heading back from there saw several fully loaded bikes—Ortlieb pans back and front—just as we hit this 60-80m stretch of mud. I wouldn’t have wanted to go thru it on a motorbike (probably couldn’t have), let alone a touring bike. (Our car did make it thru, tho bottoming out a lot.)

    Anyway, maybe some biking here in the next few days.
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