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Encounter at Tamagawa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thomas, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. thomas

    thomas The Crank Engine

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    Defying the adversity of tsuyu I decided to conquer my laziness and embarked on a classical TCC Okutama-ko tour today, testing the new Panasonic bicycle. Tomin-no-mori a la TCC. I left Koto-ku quite late, at 12.35pm due to work and opted for Route 20 and Tamagawa. Saturday traffic was heavy along Koshou kaido, but also on the Tamagawa bicycle road.

    Around 3pm, shortly before reaching Haijima I spotted a familiar orange jersey closely followed by a Union Jack cranking by! Philip and Christoph who had been in the mountains of Ome and Chichibu! How small the cycling world is. :)

    After a short chat, Philip and Christoph continued down the Tamagawa, I resumed my ride towards Itsukaichi and Akikawa. As soon as I reached the former it started to pour! Reminded me of our last unofficial tour. Due to the rain and the dense fog (visibility sometimes down to 20metres and less) I was unable to break any records. It was raining cats and dogs, and it was freezing cold.

    Anyhow Philip, taking two beer breaks I managed to arrive in Nerima at 8.45pm - despite the rain and the heavy traffic on Ome kaido. It was good to see you two today, I hope you got home safely. Christoph, looking forward to riding with you next Saturday!


    Distance 184,38km
    Av 27,8
    Mx 53,6
    Tm 6:37'02

    Never has my bike and its rider been as dirty and wet as today!! :warau:
  2. Philip

    Philip Speeding Up

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    It was good to meet you too!

    Hi Thomas,

    Heavy traffic, heavy rain, poor visibility and 2 beers - sounds like a recipe for disaster :p I am glad you got home safely.

    I admire your determination riding 180km after working in the morning. Then again, your new bike is a beauty! It would be hard to stare at it all afternoon without riding it. When I was a kid my mother once paid me to paint the house during my college vacation. She made the mistake of paying me upfront. I purchased a new bright green Kawasaki motorcycle. Not much painting got done that summer :D

    Christoph and I escaped the rain. Not that it mattered. It was so humid I was soaked in sweat all day. I drank six liters of water during the ride :eek:


  3. araim1

    araim1 Speeding Up

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    Another victim of "cats and dog" rain

    Thomas, I was also hit by the rain yesterday in Naguri area which is north of Ome in Saitama pref. I was also studying in the morning at home and decided to take action at 12:30PM, kwowing it will be raining. But I do not mind rain in summer. It is just like a lot of sweat.

    Leaving home around a little after 12:30, I passed Ome and then my favorite Nariki area toward north. It started a little rain at this point. Just entering Naguri village, I encountered a friend who just came down from other side and had a short conversation. He promised to joiin in the Fuji climb next week. Kept going up, I was passed by a roady, and reached Yamabushi pass, 604m elevation at 3:50PM. This was my destination today. The rout to the pass was covered with tall thic trees and was very dark like night. Soon after heading back my home, it just started pouring. But thanks to the high temparture, it was not too bad. It is a lot of sweat. I just kept peddaling two hours and took a nice warm bath and cold beer which I really deserve for.

    Hope it will be sunny next week!:)

    Minoru Arai
  4. cinelli

    cinelli Warming-Up

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    hey philip

    you should know -it´s a she :)

    @ thomas
    when is the christening?
    but to be honest you should think about the name once more:D

    and finally - yes she is a beauty!! almost a little to good / fine (as a lady) for daily traffic fight to tokyo....

  5. AlanW

    AlanW Maximum Pace

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    Rain? What Rain...?!

    Wow, sounds like a busy weekend for TCC members.

    Naomi-san and I headed over to Boso again since the forecast was for rain in the west. Our start point was a parking area on the Boso Skyline toll road; from there we rolled south down the Kamogawa toll road to the coast at Tamagawa. Then a few km along the coast we turned North again towards Yurokeikoku, and finally south-west to complete the loop. I almost miss-directed us on route 410, which would have put us directly under the Boso Skyline road with no way to get up to where the car was parked....:confused: luckily realised after a couple of km and found the correct route.
    No rain at all on the ride, only a few specks on the windscreen on the way home.

    Looking forward to Fuji-san on Saturday!
  6. Philip

    Philip Speeding Up

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    Names for Thomas' new love . . .


    If my memory serves me well, Thomas was thinking of christening "her" Mustang :confused: Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song "A boy named Sue" :p (A father calls his son a girls name to ensure he would grow up tough). However, I cannot think of any excuse to call a girl by a boys name. Thomas, I think you should seriously consider Christoph's advice.

    Other suggestions. Long Tall Sally? Calamity Jane - maybe not! If you must do it how about Mustang Sally (by Wilson Pickett no less). Anyway, no doubt about it - she is a real beauty and I am jealous.



  7. WhiteGiant

    WhiteGiant Maximum Pace

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    Bike names!

    I rode back from Jiyugaoka with Thomas last night.... I also rode that titanium beast (Thomas & I are fortunate enough to have the same saddle heights, and same shoe-clips).
    I have a name for it... (Sorry! "Her")...
    How about, "Cheating bastard's way of getting to the top of a hill quicker"?:D
    I know it's a mouthful at first, but once you get used to the new name, nobody should have a problem with it:rolleyes:

    Here's a name for Christoph's new Cinelli... "Already fast enough; why did you have to get carbon....Bike, Sir"!:cool:

    And while I'm being facetious, I should call my own bike, "The Marlboro-Kirin swear at motorists and kick mama-chari Giant":gun:
  8. thomas

    thomas The Crank Engine

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    Come think of it, most of my bikes are female... :)

    What about Iron Maiden (as she sports a frame forged of finest Japanese titanium)? :D

    I decided to get rid of the compact gear, so my LBS will install classic 52/36 chain rings. So much for cheating, Travis! :p
  9. WhiteGiant

    WhiteGiant Maximum Pace

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    Iron = Fe; Titanium = Ti...

    There's no "Iron Maiden" in there!
    You should have called the Bianchi "FeM Fatale" - She might have been friendlier to you.
    The new one, if you really want her to take care of you, should be called...
    "Tiny Tina"!

    She'll do you well if you think of her that way and treat her right!
    ...just rambling... T

    P.S. 52/36 sounds a little more even! See you on the hill this Saturday! Travis
  10. Ash

    Ash Warming-Up

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    i was also out, taking an illegal break from childminding for two hours and flying round Tamako at a personal best, hit 50 on the back straight around seibu dome. Have to do something to stretch the legs before fuji!

    Thomas, looking forward to seeing the new Panasonic mistress, all these posts have me very curious....

    nice to see everyone else got molested by the weather, not just me!


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