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Fed Up with Garmin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by armmewitharmony, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Garmin 510.

    Haven't been able to update it for (a year?)
    Whatever, a looong time.

    Express says the reason is there is not enough free space on the unit. (Have cleared all files a few times now, and factory reset twice). Same problem persists.

    Current problem is Iphone SE connects and disconnects every 5 mins or so (no joke) and the constant beeping drives me nuts (only "fix" I've found so far is to turn off "Sounds" altogether so at least the beeping is not ... beeping.)

    This problem, the disconnecting and reconnecting had only escalated over the last few weeks.

    Have contacted Garmin several times and have received no useable info at all. They only tell me to fart around with files on my POc etc. Nothing they've suggested had made the slighted bit of difference.

    Based on what I've observed of Garmin products owned by me and by friends both bicycle and motorcycle I've concluded I have no confidence in purchasing Garmin products any further.

    Thinking new WAHOO or LEYZNE.

  2. George5

    George5 Maximum Pace

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    using my 9 yr old garmin edge and the only trouble i have is with weird files causing problems from time to time maybe every 18 months or so. . 99% of the time it works really well and I'll replace it with another Garmin. what is the iphone trying to do to the garmin?
  3. dastott

    dastott Speeding Up

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    I have a 500 and a 510. I have had issues with both but much more so with the 510. Now it won't get past the 'loading profiles' pages on start up. Think the 500 is a much more reliable unit.
  4. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    I have an Oregon, Edge800, fenix2, forerunner210 - not one issue with the GPS functionality.
    The only issue I have had is difficulty with the fenix connecting via bluetooth.
    I am willing to admit that is something I am probably doing wrong, but don't really care, because I don't think plugin the watch into my pc is that big a problem. That is how I charge it anyway.

    I can understand the frustration when things down work right.
    I had an issue with my 800 and maps for a short bit, I put a bigger SD card in it and everything works fine now (for at least 3 years)
  5. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    My edge 800 is going strong 5 years and 50000 km later. Only had to replace the battery.
    Garmin support is total shit though. Expect no real assistance from them.
  6. tigerkamen

    tigerkamen Maximum Pace

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    510 is 2 seasons strong. Dropped the Bluetooth a lotwith iPhone but not since I changed to android.

    I also have the same issue with not having enough free space to update. I will go with a wahoo when my 510 dies
  7. Sibreen

    Sibreen Maximum Pace

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    @armmewitharmony @tigerkamen
    Are you guys on Macs? Have you checked how much free storage space is on your Garmin devices?
    After you've moved files from the Garmin to the wastebasket, you have to empty the wastebasket while the Garmin is still connected and the storage device icon is still on the screen. Otherwise the data doesn't actually get deleted from the Garmin unit - it just becomes invisible/inaccessible.
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  8. leicaman

    leicaman Maximum Pace

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    You must be doing something wrong, perhaps like @Sibreen suggests as I updated my old 510 to the latest firmware recently and had no problems doing so.

    I have upgraded to the 520 and couldn't be happier with it. Pretty much zero problems (apart from a slightly shorter runtime, but I carry a super slim USB battery pack that is about the size of a credit card and only 6mm thick).
  9. tigerkamen

    tigerkamen Maximum Pace

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    Hmm im on Windows. I'll check if there are any solutions
  10. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Bit of a whisky post last night, just remembered I even did it now.

    Not on a mac, windows. (Unrelated but hope to try a mac out soon though)

    Pretty comlainey and one sided, sorry about that.

    The unit seems to turn on reliably, connects to all the stuff it needs to connect to, battery life is great and haven't lost any ride data for whatever reason so far. So in the essential aspects, it's not all doom and gloom.

    However, it won't sync at all with the Garmin software on my Pc - i.e. Not possible to instal firmware updates either now. So the unit as I'm using it now is the way it was upon shipment back when I got it, which is a while ago.

    The reasons I've lost confidence in Garmin is they don't seem able to help much in the event of a problem, and he unit itself is glitchy AF and it's annoying that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

    Luckily I don't care ar all about live segments etc otherwise I suspect I'd be even more perturbed.

    Anyways, I suppose I started this off with a non issue complaining about my Garmin but again, I'll hide behind the whisky buzz excuse.

    Finally, thanks for taking the time to answer all.

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