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Fuji Subaru Line Road to 5th station?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sandiway, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. sandiway

    sandiway Warming-Up

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    I think I'm going to go to Mount Fuji tomorrow (Thursday).
    And take my bike.

    And ride up the Fuji Subaru Line road to the Kawaguchiko 5th station.
    Apparently, it's peak season and closed to cars but not bicycles.
    Any advice on the Fuji Subaru Line?


  2. Sora

    Sora Basho's companion

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    Hi Sandiway-san,

    very sorry for my late post.
    I have some advice but you already did.
    I didn't check your post, sorry again.

    Btw, how was your run in Subaru Line?
    Please let me know.
  3. sandiway

    sandiway Warming-Up

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    oh well

    I went there.

    Unfortunately, my rear tire exploded in the parking lot. I tried patching the tire but the casing was shredded. And I didn't have another 650c tire with me. I'd have needed to go back to Tokyo to buy one.

    So I had to take the bus up to the 5th station. I then hiked to the top and back.

    Since I'm back in the US now, I'll have to wait for another time to try it. The road seems not that steep and pretty rideable.


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