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Gear Ratios

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BigDawg, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. BigDawg

    BigDawg Cruising

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    I'm interested to know if there would be much difference in the gear ratios of a 50/34, 11/28 10 speed, versus a 52/36, 11/30 11 speed, specifically related to lower gearing for climbing. Would this match up well for the extra cog being added to the cassette?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bruno BQ

    Bruno BQ Maximum Pace

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  3. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    The difference will be on your flat gears where the jump is a little bigger but you have the few on the front to make the most of those riverside tailwinds.
    Also with the 52/30 set up you might need a longer cage.
    I had that set up previously now on the compact. I prefer the compact as an allround package. I got the 12 as the lowest so I could have closer ratios in the middle, but it’s not enough if you are eyeing any riding over 50km.

    I wouldn’t go back to the standard crank if I was buying again.
  4. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Maybe the 10 speed from 11 - 28 would have some weird gaps somewhere in the casstte never used that one - also, this is just to me but I figure the extreme gears (ones on the outsides of the cassette) are there for that, extreme cases.

    Almost never use 52 / 11 but then again there are those times I do.

    Like your spare tube - it’s there for when you need it but not all the time.

    Don’t know what the gaps would be like with 11 speed at 52/36 11/30 but I do at 11/28 because that’s what I use.

    When I used a compact (11 speed) almost never used 34/28 which I guess was about right.

    I’d say I find myself in 36 / 28 more often than I should. Will go for at least one lower gear and minus a kilo or two on the gut for next build.

    Anwyas as we all know weird gaps around the meat of the cassette are pretty annoying. So peaking for myself future gear choices will revolve around that.
  5. OreoCookie

    OreoCookie Speeding Up

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    Have a look at this comparison of the two setups, this gives you a much better idea of gear spacing, gear range and directly compares the two setups.

    You can see that you get essentially the exact same ratio at the bottom end, with the 11-30 11-speed cassette being more closely spaced for the last three small gears (24, 27 and 30). The 11-30 on 52/36 gives you another half gear at the top. So if you need an easier gear, I'd go for a compact 50/34 crank and stick an 11-32 cassette in the back.

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