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Green Line to Oume - Sunday, April 15th

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Yamabushi, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. theDude

    theDude Maximum Pace

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    Good to run in to you guys. Looks like a great route, if I hadn't committed to a Super Loop I would have been all over it. Would like to try it out sometime soon.

    First time trying the rinko? I spent a fair amount of time the night before my first rinko gig to make sure it all works! not as easy as it should be.... but now that I've done it.... it's pretty quick now....

  2. msen

    msen Speeding Up

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    Thanks everyone for the great ride and Pete for the organisation. Perfect day of riding. I'm still thinking about that descent from Yamabushi Toge. Fantastic. Bike washed and time for beer on the sofa. Look forward to next time ! Mark
  3. Yamabushi

    Yamabushi Maximum Pace

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    It was my pleasure! And, yeah the Yamabushi descent is one of my favorites!
  4. msen

    msen Speeding Up

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    Oh yeh, the puncture. It would have happened wet or dry, there are some potholes/cracks that needs to be avoided but thats the same on most of these roads I imagine. The road was in pretty good condition aside from that.
  5. onm


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    Sounds like you lads had a great day!

    OK, well, I will propose this in a separate thread soon, but would anyone be up for some Green Line action, out-and-back, with no trains on Thursday?
  6. DeltaForce

    DeltaForce Maximum Pace

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    Got home at 6:30pm, just as it was getting dark. I was delayed in Oume. The very road I chose, to get to the river, was closed by a festival. All the locals were having a great time. Some impresive mikoshi being hauled around.

    It was great meeting all of you today. I sure was surprised to meet you all just as you were falling out of the mountain side soba establishment. I had all but given up on making up the 30 minutes I was behind.

    Everyone seemed to handle the hills OK.

    The route was great, Pete. I'm looking forward to another one.

  7. kawa

    kawa Maximum Pace

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    Thanks Pete and everyone for a great day (and delicious stroopwafels:)).
    A group photo in the Gallery.


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