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Introduction: David (25/UK)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DavidAkasaka, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. DavidAkasaka

    DavidAkasaka Warming-Up

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    Dear all,

    I am here for a 6month secondment, based in Akasaka. Having commuted throughout the winter I am missing the whole of the UK summer season. I didn't think that it was worth shipping my road bike over for 6months, especially as I will be spending most weekends out/travelling. I had made my peace with this but having brought my cleats and a load of shorts I have found that my gym doesn't have a spin/watt bike. I am pretty annoyed and spent most of last week googling spin classes around central Tokyo without much success.

    I was looking for some help on a few points:

    a) Does anyone know of a spin class/somewhere I can get access to a clip-in static bike for the next 6 months that isn't going to be hugely expensive? This is really just to keep fit - I had resigned myself to not doing much on the road but had assumed I'd be able to ride indoors.

    b) If there are no static bikes available then if there are any rental places which will be able to sort me out for a few weekends (again without killing my bank balance)

    c) Would it be worth buying a bike if b) is a terrible option?

    Appreciate any help - if I do end up getting something out on the road I'd be very keen to join up with rides that take in some countryside!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. kmartin

    kmartin Cruising

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  3. zenbiker

    zenbiker Maximum Pace

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    Anytime fitness is a gym chain that has Watt bikes.... About 6-7,000 a month.
  4. macrophotofly

    macrophotofly Maximum Pace

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    6 months and you didn't bring your bike!!!!! To Japan where they have some of the best roads in the world!!!!! Are you insane????

    Actually I did the same when I came to Japan.:innocent: I bought a bike. Go to Wiggle/Chain Reaction/Evans/etc whichever one you trust; buy a bike with the region set to Japan (you can still have the currency on GBP if you need to) and watch as the price mysteriously drops 20% (but don't forget you may get hit with import duty*)

    Now that I am back in the UK riding on the 18th century cobbled flat roads (apparently it is modern tarmac but it sure didn't feel like it this weekend) I am missing the weather and mountains of Japan

    * a mysterious amount which other posts on this forum can provide more info on but for arguments sake presume it will be less than 8%.
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  5. DavidAkasaka

    DavidAkasaka Warming-Up

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    Thanks all for the responses.

    Kmartin/Zen - many thanks - I think at those prices I might as well buy!

    Macrophotofly - thanks for the push - I'll buy an alloy and bring it home to use as a commuter.

    I will poke my head up on some of the ride threads in the coming weeks.
  6. zenbiker

    zenbiker Maximum Pace

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    I saw a poster for a cycle spin studio opening this weekend nears Shibuya station but the best riding season is just starting and given the choice of the Japanese countryside or spinning like a hamster in Shibuya........ BRING A BIKE!
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