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Help Japanese Race Classification Systems

Discussion in 'Races' started by FarEast, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. FarEast

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    Ok here is what I've worked out so may vary, please feel free to add comments or more information as I will then keep adding more detail for future reference to new comers.

    Also there is a nationwide system in place but also many races that are not recognised by the JCF and thus do not carry the same classification system

    JBCF Races:

    JBCF is recognised by the JRC and the UCI and the ranking system is the national and internationally recognised system for Japan and Asia.

    You are required to have a JCBF racing licence or UCI international racing licence to compete.

    3 levels. TR, BR-1 and ER.

    ER; Everyone no matter what has to enter in ER to begin with. If you place within the top 6 you are automatically moved in to BR-1 or if you earn enough points over the season you can then move up.

    BR-1; You are required to place in the top 3 to be moved in to TR, but you have the choice to either do so immediately or at the end of the season.

    TR; You must belong to a team that actually has at least 3 riders at TR level to get promoted into this category .

    I would say that TR level is UCI 2.2 and 2.1 level as the JCF invites riders from this cat to race in UCI events in Japan. Some BR-1 riders will also be moved up for these races to act as domestiques.

    JCRC Races:

    JCRC is not recognised by the JCR, but higher level categories will attract BR-1 and TR riders from the JBCF.

    No Racing licence is required.

    Any placement in the top 6 will result in automatic promotion to the next category. There are some events that they will give you the choice but this seems at the organiser’s discretion rather than a rule as I was not given the choice in one race will other podium finishers were.

    Lots of levels in the system due to the JCRC limiting the field to around 60 riders per race.

    SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, X

    X class is the categorisation class and you will be requested to race this first. Once you have done this they will categorise you according to the times ridden that day on the same course by higher level riders.

    Levels F through to B are short distances and very similar to crits in Europe as they attract a lot of the local clubs and 1 day riders that have low skill level in riding in tight Pelotons.

    Although the levels F to B seem very amateur the sprints are very heavily contested and make the races very enjoyable. Also as you progress you’ll find yourself racing against high level riders that got a poor finish in their X class race.

    Level A is where the action starts and you’ll come up against very strong riders from clubs and Uni’s that will start to work together. This is good racing! The distance is the same as S class and sometimes faster due to the riders wanting promotion in to S class.

    Level S and SS

    Very fast action and team play although you may find yourself frustrated by a lazy peloton that don’t understand the whole concept of attacks, defends and pulling together to bring break a ways. You’ll need to get verbal if you want a reaction and you may find yourself doing a lot of the work at the front if you are strong.

    SS is the category only assigned to riders that get a podium spot in S class races and is the highest level in the JCRC system.


    JBCF - TR is basically domestic pro and being at this level and on a team that has the status will allow you to race UCI events like the Japan Cup and the likes. A team is required to have at least 3 or 4 riders at this is the same level so check with any club you are thinking of joining to see if they have TR level riders actually in the TR races (You can be TR but stuck in BR-1 due to lack of team mates).

    Also if you are TR level and want to race in Japanese UCI races make sure that any club you join is actually invited to these events.

    JCRC – JBCF levels

    ER is probably the same as C, D, E levels in the JCRC system due to the huge mix of level of rider.

    BR-1 is the same probably the same as SS, S and A in the JCRC system as the distances and speeds match those of the JCF on the same course.

    Other Events:

    You will find that some events are linked with the JCF and will give the same categories of TR, BR-1 and ER the above information should allow you to decide what level you should be in. (Also see the comparisons below for race lengths and times)

    Others will have a system such as 'Sports', 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Elite' and you will need to work out where you fit in using other systems to work out where you need to be. This is trial and error and can be a little frustrating if you end up in a race you blitz or get dropped in.


    Course: Gunma CSC

    Class: JCRC S and SS class Class: JBCF BR-1
    Distance: 60km Distance: 60km
    Winning time: 1:32:51.197 Winning time: 1:37:37

    I will add more comparisons for courses over time to give a better understanding of the level these are raced at.

    JCF and UCI Racing Licences

    You have to apply to a local JCF office for your licence to race in any JBCF or UCI events here in Japan. You will need to request a form from them and then fill it in and send it back with the required amount.

    No internet registration! No matter when you apply for the licence they run until March 31st.

    I beleive the Kanagawa office is above the Y's Road in Yokohama!

    A list of the Japanese JF offices can be found here

    Now here is the curve ball, if I apply in Kanagawa for a JCF licence and race the Tokyo Championships and win I can not be crowned the champion as my licence is in Yokohama. So although I live in Kanagawa Im a registered Tokyo racer.

    Also if you have a International UCI licence then you can race all JCF races under this.

    JCF or UCI licencing will get you 1,000 yen off most race entries so if you are planning racing for a season it can be worth it.

    My UCI international racing licence is registered in Japan so I'm a British rider registered under Japan..... very odd :confused:
  2. ryan.karr22

    ryan.karr22 Warming-Up

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    Any JTU info? For Duathlon or Triathlon people out there:happy:
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  3. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace

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    nope sorry not my thing. However there are several Tri competitors here that could possibly help.
  4. TimKendall

    TimKendall Speeding Up

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    Im contemplating riding the JCRC西湖ステージ, and this will be my first JCRC event..... However, I am fairly nervous about riding with beginners (クラス X) having seen some hideous bike handling in races in Japan.
    I've had two wins this year in the Gifu and Aichi areas, and can certainly hold my own in JBCF E3 races。。。。 likely to be E2 next season.
    Advice please!!!???
  5. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    If you have experience and are riding strong... go in C....
    C riders have earnt their grade by going up the ranks or were fast enough in X to ride in front of crashes.
    I have seen beginner gaijin jump into A or B bragging at the start line how they will go with any breakaways only to see them get dropped on about the second lap. You don't want that to be you...
  6. TimKendall

    TimKendall Speeding Up

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    Thanks for this.
    Yes, I am in the second year of a comeback after a 20 year lay-off, but am fairly confident. All the bragging came in my first race last year, and got dropped... but, now I am dropping those guys!

    BTW - I don't work, I am a sprinter... too old to work!
  7. EricinIkebukuro

    EricinIkebukuro Speeding Up

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    Is it possible to get a UCI license here in Japan?
    And about how much does it cost to get a JBCF license?
  8. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace

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    Its a JCF license and will cost you about 4,500 JPY. However to race JBCF and JCF races you will need to be registered with a JBCF registered team whom will then have to register you as one of thier riders. This will cost you another 9,000 JPY for the Japan Elite Tour. But late entry will require a further 3,000 JPY

    So about 17,000 JPY in total.

    To race JCRC you do not need a JCF license nor do you need to be part of a registered team.

    If you already have a UCI license from another country it is against UCI rules for you to apply for another and you will need to apply fora UCI International license, available through the JCF and will cost you 12,000 JPY and you will still need to get registered with a team.

    Also if you have recieved any bans or penalties on a previous UCI or JCF license you need to record this on the application form failure to do so can result in either a ban or a fine. Oh and they do check as I got an email from the British Cycling Federation and also the US Cycling federation as I have had licenses issued by both countries in the past stating that they had received a request from the JCF on any infringements and also tto inform me that I could not apply for a license under those countries while the Japanese one was valid.

    Also note that any race that is not part of the JCF or JBCF do not require a UCI or JCF license so any citizens race or Hill climb event that is not on the JBCF calendar do not require any license.
  9. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace

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    He needs to get catergorised before he can ride C. Unless he has raced JBCF as either a Japan Pro Tour rider or Japan Elite Tour rider in E1 class they will not bump you up. If you are a JPT or JET E1 rider then they will just put you in S class.

    If not then you will have to earn your stripes, my suggestion is get to the front and stay at the front.... but saying that I've also seen some pretty shitty riding from JPT riders :D
  10. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    Usually I'd agree and have blasted people on this site before for wanting to jump the ladder without doing X class...

    But if he truly believes he is capable he may be able to...

    It's a long drive just to do a 20km race...at least C class is 30km, safer and if he does get dropped we can all laugh at him.

    Some of my team mates who were S class, A class & B class have taken a year off or were injured...

    All 3 of them demoted themselves back to X class to start again...
    There are a mixed bag in X class of very very good experienced riders as well as people who have been riding a few months at most...

    I honestly believe X class requires a lot of skill... and talent...
    and in that way... he probably should start there...

    Crashes happen in every level...

    2 of my team mates hated E class and one year they put themselves in C class. The team leader was furious at them. They both crashed on the first lap. One of them is still in E class and the other has progressed up to C the hard way.

    How about a double entry? X & C and decide on the day???
  11. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    Because I haven't raced for over a year I'm supposed to demote myself as well.
    Not sure I want to go back to the beginning again. I was stuck in D class for about 4 years. C class now. I'd be happy to get to A class but running out of time and don't have the time either. Over 50s 2 years away and those guys are faster than C & B class...

    Those ex-pros and S & SS class riders who turn 50 all go in the over 50s... they are still competitive and as fast as ever.
  12. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace

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    Im not saying he's not capable what Im saying is It won't be open to him in the registration on the site, without a clasification he'll only be able to register as a X class rider.

    The only way to get bumped up is to call the JCRC or email them and request it.

    Fuji and a few other teams have tried to slot E2 and E3 riders in to higher classes but they all come back and say no go. When I first started racing my wife even translate my Palmares in to Japanese from Europe and even then they said no.
  13. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    They must have tightened things up then.
    Old Trucksan went straight into C class on his first race and did fine.
    He was racing in Aus at the time at a similar level.
  14. Ludwig

    Ludwig Speeding Up

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    Here is what I told Tim.

    "[t]his event is so popular they put some beginners into other classes as well. Last time, there were lots of beginners in my C-class race, which made it very dangerous - and indeed there were a couple of stupid crashes.

    You can tell the organizers you are experienced (and point them to your wins) and offer that they can put you into the higher classes in case the X-classes fill up. They will then probably do that as it is in mutual interest."
  15. EricinIkebukuro

    EricinIkebukuro Speeding Up

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    The JCRC race around lake Saiko has starts it's regisrtation tomorrow. The only problem is that it is all in Japanese. Can someone help me figure out how to get registered?
  16. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    You need to get an SID number.

    If you can't get somebody to help with the application or you are not sure even after you have done it all correctly..
    Send an email explaining

    All your details.
    What race you want.
    A team name if you have one. (Team Names should have their own JCRC number as well and you'll need to find out what that is.
    TCC still don't seem to have registered as a team at JCRC but POSITIVO ESPRESSO would probably let you fly the flag.
    If you want to race in my team go ahead. 223 セマス新松戸 (Semas Shin Matsudo)

    Email: info@jcrc-net.jp

    Application for SID number:


    List of team names with their numbers.


    Once you get those numbers sorted you can then apply for the race...

    However, if I were you and can't get anybody to sit with you in front of the screen and go through all the hoops...

    Ask in the email to please register an SID number and apply for the race as well...

    The JCRC system is not very customer friendly for applications. Even if you're Japanese.
  17. Ludwig

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    It's fine to register without CID (team). About one third of the participants don't.
  18. EricinIkebukuro

    EricinIkebukuro Speeding Up

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    I just received my SID number. So with this I click on the race and put my number in? And then once that is filled out I then send money to the specified account?
  19. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    'Click Here'
  20. Ludwig

    Ludwig Speeding Up

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    Once you have registered online for the race, you get a confirmation e-mail with all the details.

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