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Race JCRC Gunma CSC 2017

Discussion in 'Races' started by andywood, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. andywood

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  2. Edogawakikkoman

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    Congratulations. It's a course that never suited my heavy frame.

    Would be good to see more people do the JCRC races, that's for sure. I used to do a lot of them, but now that I'm in my 50s... it's a lot harder (for me) to race.
    The 50s podium hogs are friends of mine and know how hard they train... wish I had the time.

    I encourage anybody who hasn't raced or those who haven't raced in a while to give them a go... Do an X class race and see how you go.
    Join a club if TCC is not going to be there to support you... I made a ton of Japanese friends by racing, from my team as well as other teams.

    Helped me learn Japanese a lot as well as have plenty of groups to ride with on weekends...

    Yep, give them a whirl....you don't have to win...I DNF more than I podiumed...
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