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Today July 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theBlob, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    It's getting brutal out there on the rivers. Today was my normal 5:40 start down to lake saiko for a few laps in the relative cool. Actually it was already hot even at that time.

    Met up with @leicaman for a leisurely roll up the river into the inferno of Saitama. The conbini stop couldn't come quick enough.

    Then I said goodbye and headed back into the oven of Arakawa. No water could make it alright.

    Once off the river and with only 5km to home I retreated into another conbini for a gari gari. As always that made things better!

    Rolled home... baked and ready for a cold shower or three.
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  2. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    You can say that again. I did some climbing yesterday and look forward to that again - come November or so!
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  3. tigerkamen

    tigerkamen Maximum Pace

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    It's getting brutal out there. headed to the hills today and the slog home with @armmewitharmony in the afternoon sun was hell. we stopped 3-4x for water and ice cream.
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  4. jdd

    jdd Maximum Pace
    Hardest Crash

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    Bicycle thieves..., oops!
  5. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Touch and go.

    Got ferocious for a bit there didn't it.
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  6. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    From today's commute:

    Apparently 2 bicycles crashed

    MAH03783 (2).jpg

    OTOH, these 2 seem to go along quite well

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  7. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    I pass by this Lemmy wannabe once every other day or so. I wonder if he has any other clothes:

    MAH03787 (2).jpg

    Pigeons are getting too lazy for their own good apparently:

    MAH03787 (3).jpg
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  8. Forsbrook

    Forsbrook Maximum Pace

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    I went up the Edogawa today from Shibamata to Sekiyado.
    It was a nice ride.
    Not so humid.
    The last 16kms sucked though when the 'Minami Kaze' kicked in as it always does in Summer.
    At least the heat made the beer taste better.
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  9. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    How today's 145km ride ended.... pool was ready to roll just as I got home. I'd sent advance warning with an ETA.

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  10. Forsbrook

    Forsbrook Maximum Pace

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    Great photo.
    That is what Summer is all about.
    Only the barbie and beer missing.
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  11. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    The barbie is taking the photo... holding the beer in the other hand. It's the only possible reading, come on ;)
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  12. leicaman

    leicaman Maximum Pace

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    So that's what the Assos man gets up to on his day off , huh!!
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  13. theBlob

    theBlob Bokeh master

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    So, on the weekend I found out that those lined water bottles are actually really good at keeping iced water cool. So this morning i thought I'd add some ice to my water bottle, unfortunately the ice sitting at the top seemed to mean there was some type of condensation formed on the outside of the bottle so when i went to take my first swig it was totally covered in dust and grime....

    One step forward one step back!!

    In other news, I've changed the way I ride in the last few months, going from a high cadence spinner to a low cadence grinder (Focussing on no downstroke, and consistent controlled breathing), and it's paying off. Im definitely able to maintain my pace longer and my sprints have been improving as my legs seem to be getting stronger. It doesn't seem to be helping my climbing though...
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  14. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    Today's commute camera recorded, in order of appearance:

    Smashed truck

    MAH03793 (2).jpg

    Copper running... with a tape
    Levitating biker - riding with his legs crossed


  15. andywood

    andywood Maximum Pace

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    I too have become a fan of those insulated bottles.

    If I won't need to fill up on the go, I usually just freeze a couple of old bottles the night before.

    But the insulated ones are great when you are filling up on the go.

    Today I did a 4h ride in the heat. 2 bottles an hour. 8 bottles. Filling up at cold water springs.


    The insulated bottles keep the water icy cool for an hour, probably more.

    One of the bottles has a concealed nozzle which you flick open at the press of a button. I guess this adds to the insulation quality but also prevents it picking up any grime.

    The hatchet rattles if you don't close it which is a nice reminder too...

    Anyway keep hydrated as we enter deep summer!


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  16. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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  17. luka

    luka Maximum Pace

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    Look who I met tonight, right here in Tokyo instead on the top of Izoard

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  18. GrantT

    GrantT Maximum Pace

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    Did a hill climb race today out near Kofu. This one:
    Can recommend it for the entertainment, free food, good vibes, great surroundings, and view of Mt Fuji (on a clear day).
    Also, the top 24 finishers get a jersey! Can't say fairer than that. Almost cheapens the prize. Since I finished 22nd that doesn't bother me ;)
    Another race I can recommend is happening in October and goes up the Tomin no Mori road to the top of Kazahari. Close enough to Tokyo you can even ride out on the morning of the race. Entries open now!:
    #18 GrantT, Jul 23, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
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  19. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    Since my last post, I have ridden in Williamsburg VA, later I drove my car across the Richmond World Championship course to park so I could go MTBing along the river (fantastic course along the river).

    Since I have been back (last Friday) I have hit the trails twice in the Zushi area. Sadly, my luck once I got back home wasn't a good as in the States.


    All in all, great times. Getting my ass kicked by my buddies while we kicked some younger guys asses on the trail was humorous.
    The 40+ crew was crushing it on hardtails and just enjoying the ride.
    After three weeks in the US, the Richmond ride was the only time I missed "home"
    In all honesty, I could not get on a plane fast enough to come back here...
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  20. Tanki

    Tanki Maximum Pace

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    ^ @bloker お帰りなさい
    This month I have had a week off the bike. Some grass or plant allergic reaction resulting in welts on my thighs and back after doing a mobility warm up before a game in the park. I didn't take pictures, but there have been a few comments.
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