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Just Not My Cupa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by armmewitharmony, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Ok so after going off about GARMIN from admittedly a place of resentment yesterday, which was not constructive and also based purely on isolated personal experiences and no hard data at all, here I am again thinking, let's go at it some more! No, no that's not it.

    So Citroen for example, or Versace clothes, polarizing is that the word? You either love it or you hate it there's not much in between (but there's really also no denying the awesomeness). Or to a lesser degree maybe a brand like Rapha - some people swear by it, others would turn down a pro contract rather than be caught dead .. lmao

    So not coming from a place of negativity or player hating (like my rant yesterday, I admit it was some sucka shit ok ok OK! lol) we've talked about dream bikes and the like. So now what's that exotic, expensive, prestigious whatever you want to say, the stuff of lust for some that just doesn't do it for you? This is a commentary of personal taste and we're not hating on other people's shit!

    Anyways, for me it's those Ceramic Speed pullley wheels - I know they're super exotic but nah, can't get behind the look of them myself.

    The other thing is super narrow bars and a big guy (GVA? Philipe Gilbert?) can't remember who but ...

    Last thing from me is seats with the downturned nose. Also snub nosed seats (though I don't like the look of them, I think the next saddle I get will ironically be one of those, but anyways)

    So what's the stuff taht's popular / cool that you just doesn't do it for you?
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  2. TokyoLiving

    TokyoLiving Maximum Pace

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    Anything that has a pro sponsorship brand written on it. Only unless you’re a pro. But with that said, I own a pair of winter bibs that have BMC on it. And in my defense I bought them cheap on eBay and they are great! But that’s it.
  3. saibot

    saibot Maximum Pace

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    Black cycling shoes... But with that said, my current ones are black... I have no defense :confused:
    Multi colored bartape
    rim brakes : - P
  4. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    I have some black shoes too that I actually hate too, every time I wear them I think about how much I hate them nice one @saibot but I still wear them. Weird eh? On the ohter hand @TokyoLiving can't say I have anything agianst team kit personally but it kinda depends on what team maybe? Again personally bmc is alright for me but though I like the team the old Orica kit was pretty bad I thought. Some people hate the AJ2ralamondiallailial kit, I don't mind it.
  5. OreoCookie

    OreoCookie Maximum Pace

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    Some people who wear black shoes don't have a choice ;) :D
  6. kiwisimon

    kiwisimon Maximum Pace

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    I have a BMC but only cause I like to brag about my junk.
  7. Kangaeroo

    Kangaeroo Cruising

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    I'm really, really sorry, I've got lots of stuff like this and I deeply apologize to other cyclists who find it annoying.
    But please hear me out for one of the reasons why I do this...I came to cycling very late, but having been lucky enough to get back into the saddle, it brings back so many wonderful memories of childhood, as well as the added freedom provided by the gift of desperation given by the old age and the belief that I may not be able to do this for much longer.
    I'm fat and old and I wear a maillot jaune replica at times and I realize I look ridiculous and repulsive, but in my mind, I'm Skippy Anderson hurtling along from Basel to Nancy in the 1982 TDF and teach the Badger a think or two about riding or die trying (all this while actually lucky to hit 25 kph on a downhill, but still, what's the point of having a dream if it's not dreamlike?)
    It's something that keeps me on the bike. It's one of life's great thrills I've been able to experience with joy and without harming anybody else (although I concede that perhaps it is a bit hard on the eye to see me in body-hugging gear, but...)
    Maybe it's hard to understand if you're not old and fat and decrepit?
    When I support football, I wear my football team's replica kit (and they're the world champions), so I personally find it hard to fathom why doing the same in cycling is such a taboo (I'm sure there's a reason, but I'm still ignorant of it). I'm sure that if I looked as good as some of the riders on this site, I'd be even worse! If I do feel bad about it, I remind myself that I'm the undisputed Australian champion of my driveway at the very least.
    Still, sorry because I know I'm breaking a Velominati rule, but pretending to be a pro even in my own little dreamworld is another (extremely minor) factor that keeps me on the bike, which is the important thing.
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  8. wexford

    wexford Maximum Pace

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    Go @Kangaeroo! As a kid I used to dream of wearing team kit. I was always annoyed that I was only allowed to wear black shorts in races. No logos and no colour or you were not allowed to race. I had no money back then so could only really afford my local teams kit anyway. Still I yearned for those kits as others had them. I wanted the king of the mountains jersey too. I wanted the green on because that's what Sean Kelly had. Nobody would have laughed at you back then for doing so and having dreams. When I came back to cycling all that seemed to have changed. Also not sure why. However, I also had no desire to wear pro kit any more. Guess, I never felt good enough any more to do so. Also there is a lot of nice kit out there now to choose from. I passed a large cyclist the other day wearing the world champ jersey and full kit. It just made me grin though as I thought to myself that Sagan had put on a bit of weight over the winter. More power to that guy for doing what makes him happy. So - that said. Fuck the rules, follow your heart and enjoy the ride! Rules are for sheep. As I said before. Go @Kangaeroo!
  9. Kangaeroo

    Kangaeroo Cruising

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    Wow! You just made my day! (year?) (Incidentally, as the spawn of Galway natives, there's a soft spot in my heart for Sean Kelly, too! He never got the order wrong!)
    Mind you, I'm just happy to be on my bike! And blessed.
    FWIW, I'm willing to bet my life that Sagan has no problem with the hundreds of MAMIL world champs, either.
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