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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BettertoBike, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. BettertoBike

    BettertoBike Warming-Up

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    Can someone tell me what maps they use to get from place to place over here. I am worried about getting lost on a long ride and right now I can't read Kanji so I only go by landmarks. I am in the Ome/Fussa area wanting to ride out EVERYWHERE! :p
  2. Pete

    Pete Speeding Up

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    Hi BettertoBike

    Try ROAD ATLAS JAPAN produced by SHOBUSHA PUBLISHING. It's a superb English road atlas of the whole of Japan. The price is 2,857 yen. You can buy it in any of the major book shops in Tokyo or possibly by mail order.
  3. WhiteGiant

    WhiteGiant Maximum Pace

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    I always use "Kanji" maps, but it's not really necessary to be able to read kanji to use them.
    The most important aspect is the "Road number"!
    As long as you know which way you are heading, just look for the No. of the road that you're riding on; eg. Rte.20, or Rte.7, or Rte.35. 413, 318, 19,15 etc...
    Just look for the road number that corresponds to your current position, and that should be all you need in most cases.
    If you're still worried, use Pete's suggestion until you get used to the surrounding areas, and then switch over.
    Hope to ride together soon!
  4. BettertoBike

    BettertoBike Warming-Up

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    Thank you so much!!! :D


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