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For Sale Mason Bokeh Frameset

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by saibot, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. saibot

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    New stuff incoming so selling this lovely Mason Bokeh frame (or as a rolling chassis with wheels, tires , saddle & handle bars)

    Size 56

    It’s a super nice do-it all Road, Gravel, Adventure, backpacking bike. I’ve been using it since September last year as my only bike for road, gravel and bike packing. Can use both 700c road with clearance for up to 45mm tires, and 650b with up to 2.1" tires.
    All the latest standards like 12mm thru-axles and Flat-mount disc brakes.

    I did a video walkthrough on this bike a while back that you can watch here:

    Most of the components I’ll transfer over to my new bike, but if you want I can sell it as a rolling chassis (Wheels, tires, saddle, handle bars)

    Included with the frame:
    • Frame
    • Fork
    • Headset
    • Dura Ace Bottom Bracket (BSA threaded)
    • Thru-axles.
    • Original derailleur hanger for road mechanical, road di2 and MTB mechanical
    • Extra derailleur hanger for mountain di2 mechs
    • Front mech clamp. (I’ve run it mostly 1x though)
    • Cable stops/ports/guides for any setup.
    You can also read more about it at Mason website:

    Frameset only, Asking: 110,000yen
    New: £1150 ( or 175,000yen + shipping)

    Rolling chassis, Asking: 160,000yen
    • Mason Frameset (And all the parts listed above)
    • Wheels: DT Swiss RR21 DB (Light disc brake wheelset tubeless ready)
    • Tires: Gravelking 38c Slick Tubeless.
    • Saddle: Fizik Aliante
    • Handlebar: Deda RHM2 42cm
    (Seatpost and stem NOT included)

    Let me know if you have any questions about the bike.
    If you want, I can help you build up the bike.

    mason-03355.jpg mason-03357.jpg mason-03360.jpg mason-03364.jpg mason-03363.jpg mason-03365.jpg mason-03366.jpg mason-03367.jpg
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  2. bloaker

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    it's purdy! But sadly, if I had room... still too small.
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