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For Sale Morvelo Rapidita Superlight Jersey (M)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Winston Leg-Thigh, May 15, 2018.

  1. Winston Leg-Thigh

    Winston Leg-Thigh Speeding Up

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    Unused - got sent the wrong size (by Wiggle, yet again), bag says large, jersey is medium. I've got the Beez superlight jersey from a couple of years ago and love it for hot days (apart from its seeming ability to attract bees and other stinging / biting insects hence getting a lighter coloured one).

    7000 yen (inc postage in Japan) - bank transfer or paypal

    Handmade in Europe
    Mesh panels under arms and on back
    SPF 50
    Low collar
    3 rear pockets and zipped valuables pocket

    Sizing as per Morvelo - chest 36-39 inches



    For reference I'm 190cm, 77kg, 38 inch chest and the jersey fits around the chest but it's too short in the body.

    IMG_20180515_051730-01.jpg IMG_20180515_051803.jpg IMG_20180515_051831-01.jpg IMG_20180515_051845.jpg IMG_20180515_051909.jpg
  2. TokyoLiving

    TokyoLiving Maximum Pace

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    PM message sent.
  3. Winston Leg-Thigh

    Winston Leg-Thigh Speeding Up

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    Still for sale if anyone's interested

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