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Question for SRAM Users

Discussion in 'Tech' started by SurlyCyclist, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. SurlyCyclist

    SurlyCyclist Speeding Up

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    Hey guys,

    Since buying my Canyon in December, I've dropped the chain three times. This morning it came off to the outside and landed in between my foot and the crank arm, making it difficult to rotate enough to clip out. Bummer.

    It seems like with SRAM, you need to hesitate a bit when switching to the big ring in front: give it a bit of a gentle stroke to make sure it's seated, then hammer away. I feel like if I shift up with any force going to the crank the chainring will spin under the chain without allowing it to set into the teeth.

    My question is... is this normal for a SRAM fd, am I doing something wrong, or is my fd not setup properly?

  2. Sikochi

    Sikochi Maximum Pace

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    PS: Can you `cc` any responses to Mr A. Shleck c/o Team Leopard-Trek.Thanks :rofl:
  3. rommelgc

    rommelgc Maximum Pace

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  4. kiwisimon

    kiwisimon Maximum Pace

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  5. Mike

    Mike Maximum Pace

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    Agree, you front derailleur is too high! I use Red and you shouldn't have to hesitate when loading onto the big ring.....
  6. Ludwig

    Ludwig Speeding Up

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    I have these problems frequently these days after switching to the new Dura Ace 7900 chain which is slimmer. This is on my Dura Ace bike. But rarely any issues with my SRAM (cyclocross) bike - though it can happen there as well.

    I never have to dismount though - can always fix it while moving.
  7. SurlyCyclist

    SurlyCyclist Speeding Up

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    Thanks everyone. I finally had a chance to take a look at it the other day (work and being ill made for no riding time over the last few weeks), and it was definitely too high. I adjusted it a bit and it's a lot better. My first foray into derailleur maintenance! Exciting times. Thanks for the help as always.

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