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Recent new cycling purchases? Anybody...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Freeride39, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    I just got the new:
    - Orbea Onix full carbon
    - Shimano PD-R540 pedals (because they matched the paint scheme)
    - 2007 Tour of California leaders jersey
    - 2007 Tour of California "King of the Mountains" jersey
  2. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    Great. Give them to me. :D

    What color is the Orbea? I've only ever seen the Orange variety.

    Show us a pic...
  3. Freeride39

    Freeride39 Peloton Leader

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    Look in the Gallery in bike garage, recent photo's. Yes it's also Orange also...LOL

  4. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    Very nice.

    On my shopping list for when I win Lotto.

    MADONE 8.9 (will be one sooner or later)
    Specialised S Works.

    Game to mention how much it cost?
    Did you have to get it made or was it off the rack?
  5. Ash

    Ash Warming-Up

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    oh yes! That is a hot looking machine!!!:p

    Very nice indeed. I want to have a wee ride on that next time!

  6. Higuma

    Higuma Cruising

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    Bought a set of Mavic Cosmos 06 wheels tonight... Smooooth as silk - much nicer rolling than the Shimanos I had... spoked with with 24 radial up front and 28 3X in the rear these should hold up just fine... 30,000円 tax in...

    About a month ago I picked up a Specialized BG Avatar 143mm saddle and and VERY happy with it... YMMV but a big thumbs up from me...:)

    Oh... I threw a set of IRC Redstorm 25s on these new rims to try out - anybody have any experience with this tire ???

  7. AlanW

    AlanW Maximum Pace

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    New Toy

    Nice machine! The future's bright, the future's ORANGE!

    I just got one of these:


    Already made some rider's eye video on the local MTB trails. Will bring it on a TCC tour one day!

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