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Sold! Ridley Crossbow 56, Now ¥70,000

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by koya_hijiri, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. koya_hijiri

    koya_hijiri Maximum Pace

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    Leaving Japan in a couple of months, so it's time to part with my Ridley Crossbow. I used it to get into cyclocross this year and for getting around the city a little.

    Even though it turns all the bike geek heads down at the morning Tama CX sessions (ask @Deej about this), I'm selling because it's a bit too big for me @175cm to justify flying it home.


    I purchased it right on this here forum last June. Those of you who know the seller (and only previous owner) will know that it was very well maintained. I raced it 4-5 times last fall but it's been taken care of, and I've put money into it in the form of a new headset, new shifter cables, new bar tape, and new chain. It's only been ridden a handful of times since all of this went on.

    I'm going to paste a lot of specs from the original post (see link above) because not a lot has changed, but do note that it only comes with one set of wheels (the clinchers) and tires for those. It does come with the two bottle cages as pictured in the original photos, and the 120mm Sixth stem, not the Thompson one pictured in my shot.

    Ridley Alloy Frame Crossbow 2009
    Campagnolo Veloce 50/34 a few years old in good shape, regularly maintained
    Mavic Aksium with 12/30 cassette
    2 Thick Slick 30mm Tires
    2 Clement PDX clincher 33mm with tubes, a little worn but serviceable
    Thomson post
    SDG Ti rail Saddle very comfortable and light
    Acon Cross top levers (I took them off but they're yours if you want 'em)
    TRP EuroX Alloy White and Gold Brakes that are cool as hell)
    Gold Crank Brothers pedals (will include cleats if you want)
    120 mm Sixth stem
    44mm Cannondale Compact Alloy Bar
    Nice set of black alloy platform pedals
    2 Bottle cages

    Hit me up with further inquiries. I can provide more pics on request, and I live near Waseda in Shinjuku-ku so feel free to drop by for a look or even a test ride. Price is pretty firm as I've only listed it here so far. It's worth it, baby.
  2. Forsbrook

    Forsbrook Maximum Pace

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    Nice looking bike at a great price.
    Good luck with the move.
  3. koya_hijiri

    koya_hijiri Maximum Pace

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    Rainy day bump and price drop: now ¥70,000!
  4. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    It is a looker, but my wife would kill me at this point.
    And by kill... I mean "missing gaijin posters" & random body parts found across the island.

    Good luck!!

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