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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edogawakikkoman, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    Thought I'd try the local MTB /Road Bike specialist rather than travel all the way to my usual shop just to save some time. (disloyal as it was).

    I figured all bike shops in Japan are expensive, so why not?

    After a few minutes I realized my usual shop was not as expensive as I thought and jumped back in the car and headed to my trustful shop instead...

    I needed a pair of Hutchinson treads for my Mavic Cosmic Carbons...

    New shop. 7800 yen ea.
    Usual shop 4800 yen ea...

    Everything else seemed to be exhorbitant too...

    With the money I saved I got myself some new drink bottles, a spare valve for my pump, a collar for our puppy, some beers and a cola....

    :rolleyes: http://www.seo-smd.com/index.htm
  2. trad

    trad Maximum Pace

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    Anyone try Probikekit?

    Recently heard that Probikekit ships to Japan, and their prices are pretty darn good. Shipping to Japan is supposed to be flat 12 GBP for any order. Anyone had any luck with these guys?

  3. Pete

    Pete Speeding Up

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    Their prices do seem remarkably cheap for the very expensive UK. The PBK Team Issue (Dura - Ace) carbon frame bike had a great review in Cycling Plus this summer. I'm not sure of their reputation with overseas deliveries of kit though.
  4. chazzer

    chazzer Speeding Up

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    Yes - have ordered several items of clothing and very smooth and quick it was too - bit like my riding style - not !!

    I also made an error in sizing and this was also handled very well with no fuss...

  5. gmason

    gmason Warming-Up

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    I would recommend PBK without hesitation. Get most of my kit through them (so much simpler than trawling round shops comparing prices only to have to go back to the first shop you visited), as has already been said - Very quick, smooth and efficient.

    Sorely tempted on their Carbon steed too, write up in Cycling Plus and Cycling weekly (good lady wifes ships out a months worth at a time) was good and the price is very attractive.

  6. Edogawakikkoman

    Edogawakikkoman Maximum Pace

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    My LBS Seo Cycle in Shin Matsudo is expanding.

    Tomorrow is the grand opening of their 3rd floor store. (2 floors above the current one).

    The extra space will cater to clothes and helmets....(and probably more)...

    Going to drop in tomorrow and see if there are any good bargains.....

    TODO R CASPELL Maximum Pace

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    Ironic but I have been ordering some NITTO stuff from US. I think it was imported there when the dollar was up and Y down. Even with S&H it seems just a bit cheeper. I have had good results with THESE GUYS:

    They gots the cool stuff.
    Got a honkin long 2 foot Nitto seat pin. Useful in this land of tiny bikes.


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