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For Sale Soma Juice 29r Size 19" 147000Yen

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bloaker, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    Here is the bike that was going to take over the commuting duty from my Salsa.
    However in the recent few months, it has sat while I have ridden the Salsa more and more.
    I finally decided that 4 hardtails was a slight overkill and this would be the one to go.

    Quick rundown on the build....
    Soma Juice Frame
    Fox 32 Fork 120mm Kashima coating
    XTR Shifters and rear Mechanical
    XT Crank, Cassette, Brakes
    Hope Pro4 hubs
    Hope Enduro Rims
    Hope Head Doctor
    Thomson Seatpost
    Thomson Stem
    Jones Bars
    blach blah blah....

    The bike is no slouch and a hoot to ride XC and Trail.
    If it get any more rowdy than that, this bike starts to struggle.
    However for the local trails here in Zushi and Hayama, it has been a great bike.
    This bike have paragon sliders and can easily be converted to SS.
    I rode this bikes twin sister in the SSWC a few years back and had a blast riding down Iwatake in Hakuba.
    I am not looking for a bike trade... but that doesn't mean I cannot be convinced if someone has something interesting.

    *Note - this build can be modified - prefer flat bars to the Jones? Prefer I shorten the brake lines? etc... It can be done. This setup was for bike packing/commuting. It can be made more MTB oriented.



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  2. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    Updated with a flat bar.


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  3. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    FYI - this frame can be setup with a rear rack.
    Also - if interested, the Thomson seatpost can be replaced with a CaneCreek Thudbuster seatpost for a more cushy commute.
    I also have a few stems I can swap out to help you get a comfy fit - 50mm, 80mm, 110mm.
  4. leicaman

    leicaman Maximum Pace

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    If only I had enough room. Really cool looking bike. Bet it is a blast to ride singletrack.
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  5. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    It is a great bike. It has just become the odd man out. 4 hard tails and 3 are steel... gonna be some overlap.
  6. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Some Q's:

    Is frame / bike size as finicky for MTB as it is for road?

    What is Singletrack?

    If you commute on these bikes: What is your parking situation at work?
  7. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    Frame size on a MTB is not a exact as road bikes. Most mountain bikes are made in roughly 4 sizes
    This is a link to the geometry chart of the newest gen of this bike (I think the only difference is color).

    I am 188cm/6'2" and I could have gotten the 19" or 21" frame.
    I went with the 19 to be able to through the bike around a bit more.

    Singletrack is when a trail is just wide enough for bikes/hiking/MX
    Double track is more of a fire road or jeep road.

    As for work - my office has a door leading to outside.
    My bike sits behind my desk. :)
  8. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Good deal.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Ok so with four basic sizes does that put a 173 cm (what is that 5’6”? 5’7”?) at an M, L or in between sizes like you?

    By the way why is it not S - XL rather than M - XXL? Or is S a Kids / Women size?

    What is the numerical frame size to leep in mind?

    I’ve been advised to pay special attention to the top tube length what is the main measurement to look for on these frames, if it’s necessary that is?
  9. bloaker

    bloaker Maximum Pace

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    The problem with the "S, M, L" references on bikes is that it depends on your target audience what each means.
    The 15, 17, 19 is also equally useless - except for reference. Just like a road bike, two different 54s will fit completely differently.
    Women's mountain bikes are somewhat of a joke to me. It is a normal mountain bike with a shorter top tube and usually pretty colors.
    IF it fits you, it fits you. Being an XX or XY has little to do with it. Female specific diamond frame bikes are just a shorter reach version on the unisex counterpart.

    Effective/Horizontal top tube is something you could use (as suggested to you already) and it is more reliable than S,M,L - however again it doesn't tell the whole story.
    Some prefer for user Stack and Reach to compare bikes. Again - more accurate then the others - but still it leaves a lot to be desired.

    While mountain bike fits are less specific to the rider than road - mountain bike purposes have been marketed as more specific.
    In another thread we mentioned the XC, Trail, Enduro, etc...
    There are geometries considered ideal for each - but you can pretty much to each on any of them, it just makes it harder/easier on the bike you picked.

    I own 2 Vassagos. Their website has a size chart you can use for reference.
    Click the "geometry" tab and you will see the list. They go S/M/L
    The small is a 16" seat tube. with a 600 top tube.
    600 sounds huge in road bike terms, but a flat bar vs road bar is much closer.
    For reference, my road bike is a 600 effective TT, my Vassago is a 625. I could ride the 645 if I wanted to, but the wheelbase is longer than I like for tight riding.

    They caution this is just for reference.
    Rider preference, body type, etc will all determine the correct frame - so just take it as a ballpark guess.
    Two people that are the same height, but one with long legs and the other with short legs will most likely prefer different sizes.

    If you are considering buying a bike and this all seems confusing, you are welcome to keep posting or shoot me PMs. I am happy to try and explain it all.
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  10. armmewitharmony

    armmewitharmony Maximum Pace

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    Great info dude thx a lot!

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