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TCC Indoor Time Trials Records

Discussion in 'Races' started by FarEast, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. FarEast

    FarEast Maximum Pace

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    30km indoor Time Trial

    Rollers without resistance:


    Jan 1, 2010, 22:05
    55.06 minutes
    30.94km distance
    33.7kph average
    Max speed 53km


    Jan 8, 2010,16:37
    48:22.42 minutes
    30.94km distance
    38.4kph average
    Max speed 82.7kph (final 0.94km... second highest speed durring ride 67.3kph)
    172bpm average
    192bpm max


    Jan 8, 2010, 21:54
    Distance: 30.32 km (last 320m is past the goal).
    Time: 00:41:28
    Avg Speed: 43.9 km/h
    Max Speed: 65.8 km/h
    Heart Rate:Avg HR: 160 bpm
    Max HR: 181 bpm
    Calories: 2,232 C


    Jan 9, 2010,12:53
    33:58.01 minutes
    30.01km distance
    53.0kph average
    Max speed 85.7kph
    166bpm average
    183bpm max

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