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Tour of Friendship (formerly Egat) in Thailand

Discussion in 'Races' started by chris, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. chris

    chris Warming-Up

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    For those of you who like to combine multi-stage racing with beach holidays and Thai massages, the Tour of Friendship in Thailand might be the right event for you. This is a 4-day stage race from May 2nd to May6th starting and ending in Bangkok. Last year about 300 riders participated, starting in different categories (ladies, juniors, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+). It's a pure amateur race but targeted at experienced riders (who don't mind riding at temperatures around 35 degrees and high humidity). I participated last year and had great fun together with a few pals from my former club in Shanghai.

    This is a truly international event with teams from all over Asia (although Japan was conspicuously absent :(). The organizing staff was incredibly helpful (they sent 5 people to pick me up at the airport), although they were a bit challenged at times with timekeeping, announcing race results etc. Last but not least the event is great value for money. Starting fee of roughly 32,400JPY includes hotel, food, airport pick-up, team bus etc (see below).

    Unfortunately they have not set up an own website (yet), but I am happy to consolidate questions and get in touch with the organizer in case there is any interest to join. Not sure if I can participate myself, I will probably decide mid-March.


    Tour Tour of Friendship (R1) 2009
    Competition Information
    ------------ --------- --------- --------- ----
    1. DATE
    Tour of Friendship (R1) 2009 will be held from May 2nd to 6th, 2009

    2. VENUE
    Suan Dusit University (SDU) –Srinakarin Dam – Srisawat –
    Kanchanaburi – Suphanburi - RAMA IV Bridge

    - Junior
    - Open
    - 30-39 years
    - 40-49 years
    - 50-59 years
    - Men Master
    - Lady

    - Application Fee : 12,000 Baht per person (rider & official)
    - Accommodation : provided from May 1st to 6th , 2009. Including
    Hotel 5 nights, 5 Launches, 5 Dinners, 1 Great Welcome Dinner,
    Vehicles Transfer (from and to the Airport)
    - Transportation : arrange for foreign teams during the race

    April 1st, 2009

    11. PRIZES
    Trophies will be presented immediately after the finish of each
    stage, at the competition venue.
    - Stage winner : Trophy to 1st – 5th place of each category
    - Overall prize
    Winner of each category : Trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess
    Maha Chakri Siridhorn
    2nd to 5th place of each category (except Lady) : Trophy from……………
    2nd to 3rd place of Lady category : Trophy from……………………………..
    - King of Mountain (every category) : Trophy from ……………………………..

    - Friday May 1st ,2009 : Transfer from the airport
    SP Palace Hotel
    Great welcome dinner

    - Saturday May 2nd, 2009 : 1st Stage : Individual Time Trial (7 km)
    Start time : 09h00 for Open, Junior, 30-39 yrs, 40-49 yrs categories
    12h30 : Award ceremony at the finish line
    SP Palace Hotel & dinner

    - Sunday May 3rd , 2009 : 2nd Stage : SDU – Srinakarin Dam (205 km)
    06h30 : Registration at SDU
    06h45 : Opening Ceremony
    07h00 : Rolling (20 km)
    08h30 : Start in front of Lotus Bangyai
    12h00 : Finish at Srinakarin Dam
    12h30 : Award ceremony at the finish line
    Pavilion Hotel & Dinner

    - Monday May 4th , 2009 : 3rd Stage : Pavilion Hotel – Srisawat
    (125 km)
    07h00 : Registration at Pavilion Hotel
    08h00 : Ceremony
    12h00 : Finish at Srisawat
    12h30 : Award ceremony at the finish line
    Pavilion Hotel
    Special Dinner

    - Tuesday May 5th, 2009 : 4th Stage : Pavilion Hotel – Suphanburi
    (125 km)
    07h00 : Registration at Pavilion Hotel
    08h00 : Ceremony
    12h30 : Finish at Suphanburi
    13h00 : Award ceremony giving at Suphanburi
    Suphanburi SDU Hotel & Dinner

    - Wednesday May 6th, 2009 : 5th Stage : Suphanburi - RAMA IV Bridge
    (125 km)
    07h00 : Registration at Suphanburi
    08h00 :: Ceremony
    12h30 : Finish in front of Rama IV Bridge
    13h30 : Award ceremony at the finish line & Closing Ceremony
    15h30 : Transfer to the airport

  2. Phil

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    Thanks for this info, Chris. I remember you telling me about this on the Boso ride last year. I'm very interested (can't beat the price...I spent over half of that for just one morning of racing up in Motegi!)

    Have to figure out work/family schedules etc, but please put me down as a definite maybe.
  3. thomas

    thomas The Crank Engine

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    Thanks for posting, Chris, the race looks very interesting. Would be nice to have a TCC peloton joining. Like Phil, I'm a definite maybe.
  4. ThomasThailand

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    Tour of Friendship 2009 - Thailand


    surprising to see here a Post about the Race Tour of Friendship 2009 in Thailand.

    I have been at this Race (last Tour of Egat) 2008 and was fascinated!

    Now also some more Informations about Hotels and Distances are availible, but not always at there Homepage:

    - about Hotels look link before, the Hotels are names already,

    - Way and Profile: http://forum.bamboo-lake-village.com/viewforum.php?f=50

    Greetings and hope to see you there,
  5. jecjec81

    jecjec81 Maximum Pace

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    Do you guys know how many riders should the team consist?
  6. ThomasThailand

    ThomasThailand Warming-Up

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  7. 舞氣Mikey

    舞氣Mikey Warming-Up

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    I'll see you there Thomas!
    Official information about the Tour of Friendship in English, Japanese, Chinese or French:


    I raced it last year as part of the NEILPRYDE Epic Riders team and was very impressed with the event overall. Although they did have their problems like not keeping to the schedule and not having a good contingency plan for severe thunderstorms we had for Stage 2, they offered great support and really did their best to ensure we had a great racing experience. Definitely nothing comparable to this stage race is available to amateur cyclists in Japan so it is worth the trip to Thailand especially when you consider what they include with the 5 day stage race (hotel, transport, meals, neutral support while racing, etc.).

    I am doing it again this year and will probably lead a Japanese contingent via NEILPRYDE. Let me know if any of you TCC guys are interested. BTW, NEILPRYDE is giving this stage race as a gift to anyone who purchases 1 of our bikes by March 31st from a Japanese shop (or GS ASTUTO).

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