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Velotoze shoe covers

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by andywood, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. andywood

    andywood Maximum Pace

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    Racing TTs this year I see a lot of people using rubber velotoze shoe covers.

    At 2,000 yen or so I thought I'd give them a try.

    A pair arrived in the post from amazon.jp this morning.

    They are labelled as "lightweight, waterproof and aerodynamic". I was only drawn by the aero aspect but as the rainy season reached Niigata today, I decided to give them a try.


    2 hours training in the rain and I arrived home with dry shoes and socks!

    The days off stuffing shoes with newspapers may finally be over!

    They are a a snug fit so they may also be good as a base layer benerath neroprene winter shoe covers on extra cold or wet days.

    Durability may be an issue but I'm happy if I can use them on wet days and TTs.

    Give them a try!


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  2. xDOMx

    xDOMx Maximum Pace

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    I have these in black and rate them.

    If you follow the instructions on the pack, they tend to last an okay period of time.
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