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Wrapping Bar Tape

May 5, 2014
Wrapping Bar Tape
  • 1. Take off the old, grubby bar tape and throw it in the bin. Clean your bars down and inspect the area which the shifters clamp on the bars for damage.

    2. Unravel your new, clean bar tape.
    3. If not included with the bar tape you have bought, cut off a 3 inch length of tape from each roll. This will be used to cover the metal clamp of the shifters on the bar, behind the hood. Also prepare by getting some scissors, a steel rule, and a roll of electrical tape.

    4. Put the 3 inch bit of tape around the back of the shifter, covering the clamp and cut it exactly to length with the scissors.

    5. Choose a side to start with, and get ready for action.

    6. Take all of the protective tape off of the self adhesive strip. Don't leave any on, unless you have an extremely hair pussy which malts all over the place.

    7. Start at the bottom of the drop, and stick the end of the bar tape down, 90 degrees to the line of the bar, leaving about half of it overhanging. Do a complete loop of the end of the bars without angling the bar tape first, to give yourself an even tube of bar tape end with which to deal with the end-plug. After you get to this point, start angling the tape. You need to wrap outwards, rather than inwards, so start wrapping evenly, with a good tight tension up the bar. Keep wrapping until you get near the shifter clamp. Once there, put on the small cut off bit of tape you have cut to length. Keep wrapping up and under the inside face of the shifter, and up onto the top of the bars, locking the small bit of cut off tape in place with the main bar tape, and making sure you completely cover the bars and clamp.

    8. At this point, it will feel like you have kind of changed the angle of direction of wrapping (you have), so keep wrapping until you get to where you want it to end on the top of the bars.

    9. Cut the end of the tape off in a long diagonal line, so that when you get to the end of the wrapping, the tape finishes with a perfectly aligned cut.

    10. Tape into place with electrical tape, or the fancy branded tape you got with the bar tape. Stretching the electrical tape round may seem like a good idea at this point, but it will slowly shrink back to its' original length, leaving a sticky patch which will attract dust and dirt, so don't stretch the electrical tape round the bars more than necessary, and finish with the cut off end under the bars.

    11. Press in the end plugs, making sure to align any logos which may be on them.